Mission Statement

To create well educated, respectful citizen leaders in a K-12th grade College Prep Science and Art School.


Distinguishing Features

Arts and Sciences – Language arts, fine arts, and science will be emphasized at all grade
levels. Students will acquire and apply knowledge.
Character and Leadership Development – Character development is considered a
fundamental purpose of education and will be fostered through a child-centered
educational model built on high behavioral and academic expectations. The
comprehensive character education plan will tap into each child’s innate need to know
boundaries while protecting his/her dignity.
Small School Environment – The school will provide a small, safe educational setting in
which students and faculty know each other personally.
Music Training – Elementary students will be taught basic keyboarding through general
music courses. A music curriculum for older students will focus on the development of
fundamental musician skills, while also exposing students to local musical heritage and
Second Language – Students in all grades will be exposed to a second language, with a
primary emphasis on Spanish.
An Enriched Curriculum For All Students – An enriched, gifted and talented curriculum will be offered to all students. At the high school level, advanced or college credit level courses will be available for all core subjects.

Charter Document