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The SDE has a formula currently being used to protect the individual identity of students in small schools. Whenever you see information that has a small white circle above it, you click on the white circle and it says “intentionally blurred to protect individual identities”.  The percentage is then altered to meet their formula that  protects the personal identity of any student. I am working with the state to alter the way they are reporting this type of data as it presents a very inaccurate picture for small schools that have high percentage scores in the 95-100% range.  For instance, we have 100% of our students participating in College and Career Readiness courses. The attached District Report Card says we have greater than 83% and a small white circle above it indicating the data is blurred to protect individual identities.  This same situation is occurring with our 8th and 9th grade students enrolled in math courses.  Please feel free to contact Mrs. OldenKamp at if you have questions about any of the data on this report card.

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