2019-2020 High School Course Descriptions

Please email our school counselor, Dr. Dowski at marydowski@visioncsd.org if you are interested in learning more about your child pursuing an Associate of Arts Degree at the same time they are graduating from High School. All students at Vision Charter School are eligible to receive Advanced Opportunities funds to pay for college course tuition fees. In the event that you are unable to get your questions answered prior to the due date for this form to be returned, please sign and submit it and note clearly that you would like to schedule a meeting with Dr. Dowski prior to the creation of your child’s schedule.

A student who returns his/her signed form by Friday, April 12, 2019 by 4PM will be given priority for elective selection over late submissions.  

2019-2020 HS Class Request Form

2019-2020 HS-SCHEDULE

2019-2020 HS Course Descriptions