Physical Exam and Consent Form (1)


Vision Charter School administration and board have listened to the student and parent requests for competitive sports. We recognize the value in students connecting with a group of other students to achieve a goal.  We acknowledge and value the direct correlation of sports with the positive development of character traits including perseverance, hard work, respect, dedication, caring, fairness, courage, responsibility, trustworthiness, and teamwork. We believe having a trusted adult advocate such a coach is a source of strength. The priority of sports at Vision Charter School will be building positive character traits, leadership skills, and athletic skills. Students will be required to maintain C’s in all classes to play in all organized sports games. Academics will remain the priority at Vision Charter School. We will retain our focus on creating Well Educated, Respectful Citizen Leaders in a K-12th grade Science and Arts Focused School. Vision Charter will make every effort to prevent conflicts of sports practices with drama and music performances in addition to science fairs & competitions. We are committed to working with students to ensure they are able to participate in the Arts & Sciences as desired and still be a part of the Athletics Program at Vision Charter. We are excited to have Robert McDougall as the Vision Charter School Athletic Director. Please contact Mr. McDougall with any sports related questions or concerns. High School Students will be charged a $50 fee to participate in each extra- curricular IHSAA Competitive Sport not to exceed $100 per year. Parents will be responsible for transportation to and from practices and local games/tournaments. Bus transportation will be provided for extensive travel. Parents will be responsible for some or all of the uniform depending upon the sport. **Swim Team has its own fee schedule that does not follow the same fee structure listed above. Students who pay swim fees equal to or in excess of $100 will not be charged a fee to participate in other IHSAA sports throughout the year. *Email Mrs. OldenKamp at to request alternative arrangements to cover extra-curricular fees.

Vision Charter School will be offering the following sports teams for the 2018-2019 school year:

Idaho High School Activities Association JV & Varsity Teams:  Co-Ed Swim Team, Girls Volleyball, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Girls Softball, Boys Baseball, Cheerleading

Competitive 7th & 8Th Grade: Girls Volleyball, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball

Spring Co-Ed Intramurals 6th -12th Grade: Cross Country, Flag Football, and Tennis

HS CrossFit courses allow for the potential of a competitive sports program for those enrolled in the Dual Credit Courses under the direction of Teacher and Coach Jason George. All questions regarding CrossFit must be directed to Mr. George at

**High School students wanting to participate in sports for the school district where they reside are able to do so as long as we do not offer the High School IHSAA sport.

**Administration reserves the right to make changes in these offerings as needed based on interest or unforeseeable events. 


High School girls interested in going out for Volleyball are required to attend tryouts/practice on Friday, August 10 from 8-10 a.m.  All interested 9th through 12th grade girls must have a CURRENT Health Examination & Consent Form and Physical Form completed by a licensed physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner on file with the school prior to the first practice. 10th & 12th graders must also submit all forms; however, Physicals may not exceed two years old.  Click here to access the required physical form and details. High School practice will be from 4:30-7p.m. the first two days of school and then move to 3:30- 5:30 p.m. Parents will be responsible for a $50 fee to participate which is due prior to the first game. Parents will also be responsible for providing volleyball shoes, knee pads, socks, and black volleyball shorts in addition to transportation to and from all practices and local games. Do not purchase these until Coach Moretti gives additional information. If you have additional questions about High School Volleyball, contact Varsity Coach Cindy Moretti at  We are excited to welcome Anna Heideman as the JV Volleyball coach. She has prior experience teaching and coaching Volleyball in Nampa.



Middle School girls interested in joining the Volleyball team are required to attend practice Monday, August 20 and Tuesday, August 21st from 3:30 -4:30 p.m. in the VCS gym. Practices will move to before school from 6:45-7:45 a.m. daily starting Wednesday, August 22nd for the rest of the season. Parents are responsible to provide transportation to and from all practices and local games. Transportation will be provided for extensive travel. Parents are responsible to provide shoes, shorts, socks, and kneed pads. A fee of $25 will be due prior to the first game. Shirts will be provided.   MIDDLE SCHOOL VOLLEYBALL PARENT MEETING will be August 21st at 4:30p.m. after volleyball practice.



If you are interested in joining the VISION CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL COMPETITIVE IHSAA SWIM TEAM under the direction of Coach Kara Evans, find additional information at The first practice is scheduled for Monday, August 13th.

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