2017-2018 K-12 Dress Code **NEW THIS YEAR**


-Students will wear attire and treat other students and staff of Vision Charter School with respect and modesty. If one’sdress or behavior is offensive, inappropriate, distracting to the learning/school environment, and/or poses a safety hazard as determined by the administrator, it will not be acceptable on campus.

-All pants, shorts, skirts, etc. must be worn at the waist to cover one’s undergarments

-Shorts and skirts must be worn at the waist and reach to at least 3” above the top of the knee.

-Holes are not allowed that are three inches above the top of the knee or higher.

– No Brief or Exposing Tops. Garments such as halter tops, tube tops, crop tops, tank tops (worn alone), spaghetti strap tank tops (worn alone), and tops that are see through may not be worn. Midriffs and undergarments must stay hidden.

-Gauges are to stay under 10mm


1.Students should have a neat, clean and well-groomed appearance.

2.Leggings must have a shirt that extends to the fingertip length when arms are flat at the side.

3.Hair should never be a distraction to the learning environment.

4.Jewelry is to be in moderation and not a safety concern or distraction to the learning environment.

5.Clothing must not be overly tight or bagging, or revealing in any way.

6.Underwear or undergarments are not to be visible on either upper or lower parts of the body.

7.No hats, hoods, scarves, or non-religious head covering of any kind are allowed to be worn while inside the classroom. However, hats, visors, or other acceptable head coverings will be allowed outside.

8.No trench coats allowed.

9.Clothing, tattoos, body markings, or any item brought to school, such as outer wear, back packs, lunch boxes, notebooks, jewelry, and hair pieces, may not have any insignias, patterns, graphics, writing or messages that are obscene or relating to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, any illegal activity, or any sexual innuendos.

10.Gang attire of any kind is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, garments that are suggestive or colors, bandanas, or belts that have gang symbols or innuendos on them.

11.Any attire, grooming practice, makeup, or possession that disrupts the educational atmosphere will not be allowed.

12.Special days that would not adhere to certain portions of this   may be allowed with the permission of the school administrator and announced in advance.

13.The school administrator holds the right to determine if any apparel, jewelry, grooming practice, or other item is not appropriate for Vision Charter School based on a distraction to the learning environment or a safety concern.

14. No roller shoes allowed

15. Tennis shoes must be worn to P.E.


**All students will resolve the dress code violation prior to returning to class. Dress code violations will result in the following: 1st offense: Warning, 2nd offense: Detention/Community Service, 3rd offense: Defiance Referral        *See Discipline Policy for continued offenses of defiance.

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