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I come from a long line of teachers. You could say its in my blood. Although I thought I would pursue many other careers along the way, Supreme Court Judge and pharmacist to name a few. But I always liked to tutor and I determined that what I really like to do is help people learn. So midway through my sophomore year at NNC I changed to Chemistry Secondary Education with a minor in English Education and Physical Science Education. In fact, my mentor in the English Education program was none other than our beloved Mr. Bennett. Upon graduating in 1998 I returned home to Baker City, Oregon and taught at the high school for four years. This meant Language Arts but also a stint in PE, Spanish, and Career Exploration. Then in 2003, I was hired by Blue Mountain Community College and taught math, language arts, college and career skills. After receiving my Masters of Science in Science Education from University of Montana in Bozeman I added Chemistry to my repertoire. During this time I was also teaching Spanish at a K-6 rural school in Keating, Oregon. Finally I felt called to a full-time position and was hired by Baker Middle School to teach technology and science. I truly loved this age group and felt blessed by their interest in learning. (Most of them) I also taught Publications and we published a newspaper monthly and a student-designed yearbook. Now my journey has led to Vision Charter School and I couldn't be happier. I feel that the love of learning will lead us every day and that the sky's the limit for our achievements. Contact Mrs. Mitchell  *Please note one change in my classroom video.  Instead of offering dual-credit science through BSU in the 2016-2017 school year, I am teaching a Research and Technical Writing class with a Broadcasting component!