Online assignments for Friday, January 20th

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Good Morning Everyone!
Due to unsafe driving conditions, we are going to be having an on-line school day.  :)  
I need each of my students to do at least 2.5 hours of documented work today and then report their completion to me by e-mail as soon as they are finished.  I in turn will then report this information to our school administration.  At the bottom of this email is the information for your child to log onto the websites that we use in our classroom.
Here are your choices today:
*Read a great (or many) book(s)  and log time on your reading calendar
*Log in to myON and complete the Weather packet (read the first 4 books of this assignment)
*Log in to IXL and work on your choice of 4th Grade Math (we are working on factors and multiples, multiplication facts, and division) or Science skills.
*Log in to Khan Academy and work on your choice of skills in the 4th grade mission (or in the 5th grade mission if are done with 4th).  
* to practice multiplication facts (or the facts that you are working on).  
Again, please e-mail me today as soon as these 2.5 hours are completed (with details of how the hours were fulfilled), so we can get credit for having a partial school day today.  Could you also send these same details for the 2.5 hours of work from yesterday?  :)  This is such a blessing that we can do this. My email is
I will be on my computer off and on today, so please let me know if you have questions or need usernames and passwords

How to log on to,,,,

When your child logs onto you have to select Vision Public Charter School (I just typed in Vision Public and a drop down screen popped up so I could select Vision Public Charter School) - this is very important before logging on though.
After you have selected the school, you will need to enter username and password.
School:  Vision Public Charter
Username is  (firstinitiallastname###) - I can send it to you if your child did not bring it home.  I told them to make sure to write it down or bring it home in case we had a snow day.
Password:  vcsmyon
IXL log in information:
password:  I can send if you need me to - it is a word and number like stand33

Khan Academy:
Your child needs to go to and log in to their school gmail accountl
password should be either Vision2015 or Vision2016  - it is the password they use to sign on to their computer at school :)
username is their school email account:  (
password:  they set their own password, but I can reset it if they forgot it - please just let me know.
name:  (First name only)
PIN:  (your child has a 4 digit number - I can email it to you if you need it)

I hope this is helpful for you all  :)   I will be checking emails often to help in any way I can.  
Thank you for your help in working with us and your child.  
Stay safe!!
Mrs Perkins