Newsletter 10-02-16

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Newsletter 10-02-16

There will be no school for students this Thursday and Friday.  Fall break will be the following week from October 10-14th.  I will see students back in school on Monday, October 17th.  Have a fun and safe Fall Break!

Please remember to have your child return his/her September Reading Calendar tomorrow to receive $5.00 of classroom money.  If it is turned in a day or more late, your child will only receive $1.00 of classroom money.


Your child will be bringing home Parent/Teacher Conference times on Monday.  I will be conferencing on October 17-21st.  If the indicated time does not work for your schedule, please let me know and we can find a better time together.

Reminder:  2nd Grade will be going on a field trip to Linder Farms on October 5th.  The weather forecast for Wednesday, at this point, says it will be around 64 degrees and is not supposed to rain.  Following is some information from Linder Farms:

What Not to Wear to Linder Farms! 

This information attempts to serve as a guide to make your visit to Linder Farms as pleasurable as possible.

This is a real farm. It has things like dirt and weeds. Trust me, we wish it was clean, too! Because of the dirt (if it is a wet season this becomes mud), you will want to wear something you can potentially get dirty. Leave your dress shoes at home. As for the weeds, some of them have thorns and the weeds themselves can be prickly. Even the pumpkin vines (early in the season before a hard frost) will scratch your legs a little if you are wearing shorts.

After a hard frost, the weeds and pumpkin vines pretty much dissipate. However, you would still be wise to wear shoes as some of the thorns are waiting on the ground to attack bare feet.

The pumpkin stems will also be a little prickly before a hard frost. It would be a good idea to bring a glove so that you can rip the stem from the vine without hurting your hands.

Please check your child’s Home Folder tomorrow for the tests he/she took last Friday.


Reading Calendar


Please have your child read for 20 minutes Monday through Thursday (4 nights) and record their minutes on his/her monthly Reading Calendar.  Please put this calendar in a safe place so it won’t get lost over the course of the month.  Your child will need to return this completed reading log on the 1st day of the following month.   If your child returns this completed Reading Calendar on the due date, your child will receive $5.00 of classroom money.  If your child brings it a day or more late, your child will only receive $1.00 of classroom money.  This Reading Calendar IS for a grade on your child’s report card.





The School-wide book for October will be The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I will send more information at a later date concerning the classroom celebrations focusing on this book.  I wanted to give parents plenty of time to plan, because all costumes must tie to this book.


Home Folder

Your child’s Home Folder needs to be taken home every evening and returned every school day. Please help your child become responsible for this. He/She will receive class money for bringing it every day and pay $1.00 to borrow a Home Folder for that day. 


Your child will be given the opportunity to eat a snack around 1:50 each day.  If your child would like a snack, please send something extra each day for him/her to eat.  This snack should be something quick and easy to eat as your child will be eating while working.  Please don’t send in anything that requires the use of a refrigerator or microwave. 

Water Bottles

 If your child doesn’t already have a water bottle at school, would you please send one to school with him/her soon?  The students get pretty thirsty on these hot days.  I let the kids have their water bottles on their tables so they can drink when they want.  If they do not have a water bottle, I have little 3 oz. cups they can use, but they only get 1 per day.  I don’t like to have the cups on the tables because they usually get knocked over and that ruins the papers of everyone sitting near them.  Students using cups also have to get out of their seats frequently to fill their cups, which takes away from instruction time. They can bring their water bottles on Mondays and take them home on Fridays for a good washing!


There will be no Spelling Words or Phonograms for this week due to the short week and field trip.


There will be no math test this week.

Your child will be focusing on making 10 to add and subtract within 20.  We will also continue with odd and even numbers, adding equal numbers, writing equations, clock practice, and fill in missing numbers on a chart.


Your child will be learning about the scientific method this week while conducting an experiment.  We will continue to study about weather this week and focus on tornados.

Social Studies

Your child will be learning about mapping skills in Geography this week.

Pull-Out Schedule













 For safety, your child should wear tennis shoes and may bring a water bottle on PE days.