Happy Holiday/ Jan 4th/ K-6th

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  I need to thank all the wonderful students for my great gifts. It is so kind of you all to think of me and I appriciate your kindness. I pray that all of my wonderful students will have a fun and restful break.I need to thank all my Kinder-3rd grade students for the wonderful job they did singing the Spanish Christmas song. I hope you all enjoyed the wonderful program.


   We will jump right back into things when we return in January.

Kinder: We will review colors, numbers, shapes and common phrases. We will hopefully finish our animal packets

1st: We will review colors, numbers,shapes, letters,common phases, days of the week , months of the year and work on our " Parts of the body" packet.

2nd: We will review colors,numbers,shapes,letters,common phases,days of the week, months of the year, seasons of the year and work on our "clothing" packet.

3rd: We will review colors,numbers,shapes,letters,common phases,days of the week,months of the year,seasons of the year, clothing, parts of the body and start " La Familia"(the family) packet.

4th: Students will have 15 minutes at the start of class to work on reports. All students will repoert with their group in the next 3 weeks. All students should have 3 conversations in their spanish notebook.

5th: All 5th grade students will present their group country reports in the next 3 weeks.All 5th grade students should have at least 3 spanish conversations in their notebooks. I will be collecting notebooks the week of January 23rd. We will begin working on coversation " I need help."

6th grade:

Tuesday class: We will be working on our map translating as well as practicing all three of our conversations with 4 different people.

Wed Class: We will be working on conversations as well as the begining of our maps and finishing any country reports that have not been presented.

Friday: YES...... you will have your Mexican hot chocolate this week!!!