Fall Dual Credit Registration

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Dual Credit Registration for Fall Classes

Please see the counselor's web site for deadlines for fall registration for dual credits. All universities and colleges now offer online registration and directions are also listed on the web site. Individual dual credit teachers may also assist you in fall registration. If you have questions please see your teacher or counselor. Counselor's web site link for dual credits here: http://visioncsdcounselor.weebly.com/registration-for-dual-credits.html
DO NOT forget that you MUST also register for fast forward funds if you would like to allocate them to pay for your fall registered classes! The link is also found on the counselor's web site: https://advancedops.sde.idaho.gov/StudentEnrollment/StudentLogin You DO NOT create a new account if you have previously used Fast Forward funds. 
IMPORTANT** Summer CWI students: Only those students who have submitted a transcript of their summer classes to the counselor will have fall fast forward funds approved. So, if you have NOT submitted your transcript, do so NOW! Any courses that were submitted through the Fast Forward portal must be transcribed onto your high school transcript.
Vision Charter School Scholarship for Dual Credit Course Fees, Supplies, & Textbooks
This year, VCS will be offering scholarships to assist students with payment of books and fees associated with their college classes that are being taken directly from colleges or through IDLA.  They will be due September 29th.  ALL students are encouraged to apply. NEW** All textbooks purchased through the scholarship program will become property of VCS and available to future students through the library for check-out. The SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION is available at the counseling center. 
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