Distance Class 10/23

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Make sure to have all of your past homework in this week!!!!!

1. Complete your daily current event journal entries!

2. Read Chapter 9 in your textbook.

3. Watch the following videos, make sure you watch these! This is were you get a lot of the information for the essay questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are struggling to get to these videos let me know.





4. Answer the following questions:

a. Describe the impact of the Jackson presidency, both good and bad? Currently, Jackson is on the $20 bill? Should he be there? Why or why not?

b. What was the Nullification Crisis? How was it a prelude to the Civil War?

c. Describe the events that led to the Trail of Tears. Was Jackson and the federal government justified in their actions?

5. I am waiting to see how many students do not read all of the directions at the beginning of the week. If you have read this far on Monday, good for you! Write a short email to me telling me your favorite person you have studied in history so far. It is worth ten points of extra credit! Keep it secret! Don't tell your classmates, they should read this far on their own!