Dia de los Muertos

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  This week and next week all of my Spanish classes will be learing about " Dia de los Muertos" or Day of the dead. This is a Spanish tradition mostly in Mexico ,but it has also taken root in parts of California, Texas and New Mexico, as well as other central American countries.


  " Dia de los Muertos" is observed each year in earlyNovember. The festive occasion honors those who have passed away while also celebrating the continuation of life. Those who celebrate this holidayembrace the belief that death is not the endof our connection with others. Love goes beyond the grave. The annual celebration brings communities together to honor both the living and the dead.

    With the emphasis on joy rather than sadness, Dia de los Muertos traditions in Mexico include showcasing "calacas" dressed in festive attire. These skeleton figures can be seen within a "Tree of Life". Families also visit cemeteries where they decorate the gravesites of their loved ones with orange marigolds and build "ofrendas" ( remembrance altars) with candles,flowers,fruit,bread and photographs. Colorful papel picado (paper cutouts) are often draped throughout the streets, and special food is prepared to welcome back the souls of ancestors and loved ones for a day of remembrance.


  Though the dates of this holiday occur near the traditional time of Halloween, "Dia de los Muertos" is an entirely different celebration. For those who honor it, it is an important social and spiritual time which recognizes the cycle of life and death that connects all human beings.

   As classes we will be coloring and displaying "Dia de los Muertos" coloring pages. We will also be watching a short film explaining the celebrations and the meaning of this three day celebration. 

 If you have any question , please feel free to call me at the school or email me at corlalegg@visioncsd.org