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Foundation Math classes--9/5/17

Parents, please make sure your student is bringing his or her agenda to school each day. Part of our class time is spent reviewing homework and upcoming tests.  This will help increase communication between school and home.

Feel free to jot down questions or make notes to me in your student's agenda, if you need to!

Homework due Thursday, September 7: Lesson 52 problems 18, 20, and 24.

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Friday 1/20/17 Work Expectations

Students and parents,

Please check your homeroom teacher's blog or class website for work expectations and assignments. If you received an email from me yesterday, those instructions will continue for today.

Elementary, we are shooting for a minimum of 2.5 hours of on task work time today. If you do 4 hours, that is even better!  

Secondary students in my A day classes will receive an email with specific instructions.

Secondary students, we are all shooting for 4 hours of active work time today.

Mrs. B

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Snow Day 1/19/17

You all should have received an email from me with supplemental instructions to your core teachers' assignments. If you have any additional questions, please email me and I will respond promptly. 

1B Prof/Tech class--We did our entire week's lessons on Tuesday with our Social Security videos and quiz. Today's assignment was the workbook page, which can easily be made up tomorrow. Today was to be a work/study skills day so use this time to keep caught up on your core classes, get that 2.5 hours in, and I'll see you soon!

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Distance Work and Support 1/12/17

Students and parents,

Please log on to your edmodo and ixl accounts for reading and math homework per your homeroom teachers' instructions.  Some of you have already been corresponding with me for help this week; I'm glad you are navigating your assignments from home!  

While much of our work is direct instruction and sadly we cannot get to this again today, please email me should you have questions on any of your distance learning assignments or require assistance in accommodations on them.  

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